September Shows in Finland


Very excited to announce that I’m playing three shows in Finland in September, including one in my home town (Pargas 4ever!). I’ll be playing with a full band with a bunch of old friends and brilliant musicians that I haven’t played with for a long time, so I’m pretty stoked about that, too. More info about the individual shows and the other rad bands on the bills soon.

Hank’s Saloon Aug 4!




Next show 8/4 @ Hanks Saloon! Come support my buddies, psych rockers Moonsong on tour all the way from Fayetteville, AR! They helped me out tremendously when I was on tour last spring and they are pretty much the best humans, just like my NYC friends, brilliant garage pop rock noisemakers El Silver Cabs! You know how it works: come early, stay late, take Friday off, no regrets, und so weiter.

Release Day!


My new album Temporary Everything is officially out today! I’m in an Airbnb room in Wilmington, NC, planning breakfast some place exotic (maybe Waffle House?). Then I want to take a quick look at the ocean before I’m off to Boone, NC, where I have a show tonight at this place called The Clinic.

Just wanted to say that I’m really proud of this one. Special thanks to the great musicians who played on the album + everybody at The Seaside Lounge for making me sound good.

Also, thanks for your support. Hope you like it, too!

Road Trip! Business Trip!


Had great fun at the release show at The Rock Shop, thanks for coming out + shoutout to The New Restaurants, Brett Saxon, and my band! I’m just about to head out on the road for a combined road trip/tour, and since it’s my first tour of the US, I’m pretty damn excited. I’ll try to post some updates here along the way. First stop Virginia, then some shows in North Carolina. After that, I’m heading through Georgia all the way to New Orleans. Then maybe Texas, who knows? Tennessee? Some shows coming up in Arkansas and Kentucky, too, but that’s way later, so we’ll see where I end up along the way. So many new places to see, can’t wait!

Oh, and my album is out on Friday! Get it on Bandcamp, or even better, come to a show and grab a cassette!

OK, gotta go, check in later.


Listen to a new track & pre-order my new album




Extremely happy to let you know that my brand new album “Temporary Everything” will be released March 11 on Monkey Records. Pre-order the digital album on Bandcamp and get a download of the track “Feedback & Static” right now!

Oh, and there’s also a very cool, limited edition cassette tape option. Check it all out here:



New Year, New Album, New Website


So, I finally made this here website in order to become a Serious Music Artist With a Website. Take a look!

2015 was pretty cool: musically, I focused mainly on writing and recording, but I did play some shows, too. Other than NYC (and Finland!), I finally made it back to Seattle, WA and played a house show there (thanks Ilmari, Laura, Heather & Evan!). I wrote the first song that developed into my solo project some years ago while living in Seattle, so it was really special to finally be able to play there.

Recorded my new album in here in Brooklyn in August, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, because I think it sounds great –  thanks to some excellent musicians and the good people at The Seaside Lounge. The album will be released soon, and if 2015 was a year of writing and recording, 2016 will be a year of playing live and touring, so stay tuned for live dates. I’m looking at you, America, but Europe, too!

The new album is way more band oriented than my home made acoustic EP, so I’m putting together a band for live situations here in NYC. Looks like the pieces are finally coming together, but more info on that later. My new album deals with nostalgia and (futile?) resistance to turning into a back-in-the-day-person, so naturally, it sounds like a lot of the music I listened to growing up (in my mind, at least).

What else? I live in Brooklyn now, Charlie likes Prospect Park, and I know some great taco places. I also played a ton of shows with Howth last year, and we’re in the process of recording a new album, so that’s very exciting, too!

Anyway – so many cool things planned for 2016, so check in for updates. Talk soon.

Over & out,